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Soma water

soma water


Art Direction
E-commerce website
Digital Marketing

Soma water designs eco-friendly water filtration products. Beyond the redesign of their eCommerce website, we helped build a new experience around water filtration subscription. visit website


New refreshing Homepage

The main objective of the redesign was to focus more on the purchase path in order to convert more. We came with various ideas to present their products and get direct access to the product pages. We designed a dynamic homepage creating clean sections and using carousels, hero images, distinct column layout or even background color to create contrast. We also highlighted their partnership with an organization.

We refreshed the color palette of their style guide to make the site welcoming and even friendlier as well as designed a new iconography specific to the brand.

A carefully thought-out Product detail page

A key element of the website redesign was the product detail page, to showcase design, colors and in-use images of the product. The new product detail page clearly displays variant color, various lifestyle images, specifics about the design, reviews and cross-sell products.
As the product detail page contains a lot of information for the customer, we added a sticky product bar at the bottom of the page to drive conversion while the user is scrolling.


We designed a side-cart that slides in after the user adds to cart.

Clean discovery

The new Soma water website features a dynamic collection page built with various module types. Throughout the experience, there is a mix of promotional content and shoppable moments. These diversities aim to let the marketing team place interactive content through the page. Besides product cards, customers can also see hero images with compelling copy, to create an immersive shopping experience.

A user-friendly subscription

One of the main challenges was the subscription pages that introduce the pitcher, the carafe and the specificity of the filter. We rethought these pages as unique landing page to present the benefits and specifics of the product in a different way than a standard product page.

The customer journey subscription has been optimized to 3 unique steps. First, you choose your product if you don’t have already one, then you choose your subscription plan and you can add to cart.

Soma subscription page

The cart page is a key place to display cross-sell products in order to convert more.