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Scotts Flowers is a family owned delivery florist. They create beautiful arrangements for all occasions. We redesigned an elegant website making the delivery option at the center of the user journey. visit website



One of the objectives was to elevate their digital presence, while revealing their expertise and the beauty of the bouquets. We modernized the brand identity by introducing a new color palette, new typographies as well as creating floral illustrations to match the elevated identity we wanted to reflect.

We also provided directions on the look-and-feel of the shooting they were planning for the new website. We wanted to emphasize the delivery and the fresh handmade bouquets.

Scotts Flowers color palette
Scotts Flowers orchids

Scotts Flowers floral illustrations

Centric Delivery

We simplified the delivery feature by creating an intuitive and simple user journey, in which the user easily sees if they can be delivered and offer a beautiful bouquet.

On the PDP, a 2-step process allows the user to quickly add to cart, choosing first the size, then the delivery speed.
To increase order value and make the gift more personal for the customer, we designed a modal to display the handwritten note option. We also created specific product cards to show the customer recommended products in the side cart.

A colorful navigation

After some research, we found out that customers were most likely keen to shop by occasion. We focused on that approach to display the different collections, also playing with the new color palette. We also made the store’s phone number accessible in the top navigation and let people know they can be delivered today.

Scotts Flowers mobile screens


Later, we introduced the new feature « At Home Subscription ». It was a great opportunity to offer a subscription service so people could have the designer’s choice bouquet delivered every week or month to beautify their home. We designed a specific landing page as well as an upgraded product detailed page.

Scotts Flowers subscription page

Special campaign to match the seasonal holidays

Partnering for over a year, we had the chance to update the welcome email flow, the abandoned cart and post-purchase flow. We were also in charge of covering seasonal holidays (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Spring time…). I designed singular landing pages to cover those special events and created branded illustrations that were used in emails marketing, landing pages and through the entire site.

Mother day
Valentine day