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Residenc-e is a management app where tenants and landlords can communicate easily in order to solve problems faster. We designed the entire experience as well as creating the brand identity.

A guided login journey

On the onboarding, each person has their own personnalized space which they can access using their user ID and password.

During the login journey, a tutorial is sliding on the left of the screen describing the purpose of the app: how it works, what we can do with it and how it makes your everyday life much easier.

A personalized dashboard

Each user can access a dashboard specific to their needs. As an example, tenants can follow their last reporting, get info about their building, next events, etc. Whereas landlords can have an overview of their apartments and their encountered issues’ statistics. They can also proceed to the validation of their tenants requests. Service providers can access their next appointments through their agenda and check their last invoices.

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dashboard locataire residenc-e
dashboard bailleur residenc-e

A fast and simple feature

One of the main and most important features is for the tenant to be able to notify an issue in their flat or building.
We made it fast, in only 3 steps, and simple thanks to a form where the tenant can give as many details as possible about the request and their availability in case a service provider has to be involved. The problem is therefore notified and can be quickly handled by the landlord.

An easy way to find a service provider

In case the problem is the tenant’s responsibility, we created a database where they can have access to a network of certified service providers.
The user can filter by jobs and type of problems to show the available service providers and make an appointment with them.

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