Brand & Identity Design
E-commerce website

Indo is a brand designing products such as pillows and made-to-measure products. All inspired by traditional Indonesian batik. It is a new brand and we created its full identity and e-commerce website.

An intuitive homepage

On the homepage, we thought of a quick access to products of the latest collection by using the main banner image. We added the original “+” feature that redirect the user to a product page by clicking on it.

One of our main goals was to highlight the quality and the know-how of Indo’s products; so we also created several sections that allow the user to access different parts of the website, such as the blog and history of the brand.

Collection page

As the brand had a small collection, we could conceive an interactive module at the top to filter products in the collection page. With two slides down, the user can filter their search by type of product and technique of fabrication.

We also added a nice feature: when the user hovers over a product card, an orange overlay appears to give more details about the product and go directly to its product page. We also added a tag for the new products.


A product page
focused on quality

On the product page we created, the user can see more information on the product, check the size and choose the quantity to add to their basket.

We also created an original feature to highlight the quality of the products, which is the “++” zoom on the product page: the user can easily zoom to have a better view of the details and the quality of the product just by hovering over the + sign.