Showcase website
Digital Marketing

DBNY is a web agency specialized in creating flagship eCommerce shopping experiences. We redesigned the whole experience of their new website creating detailed case studies.

An easy-to-handle homepage for a quick navigation

Our aim when redesigning the homepage was to show the latest projects and to create direct accesses to pages such as the “About” and “Capabilities” pages, as well as an easy access the contact form.
We chose to animate the colors in the background, creating dynamism to reflect the brand’s identity.
For the new navigation, we put the brand’s projects on the side so that the user can have a quick and direct access to them.

Modularity serving consistency

We designed modular templates which can be used as a base for different case studies. This conception technique is saving time for creation and development and it also creates consistency between pages.
We spent a long time to create flawless templates that would let every project shine. Each case study page has a main color or a color palette according to the project to which it is dedicated.
We also created videos to show the user how the website works and to highlight new, original and interesting features.

DBNY case component
DBNY case component
DBNY case component
DBNY case component
DBNY case component
DBNY case component
DBNY case component
DBNY case component

An entertaining
service page

On the service page, the user will find a display of cards, each one representing a specific service that the agency can provide. When the user clicks on a card, they have more details about the service.

Each card has its own animation to give a more dynamic overview of the specific services. These cards are also used on social media to reach a wider audience with DBNY’s specific services.

dbny services research
dbny services brand development
dbny services experience design
dbny services technology
dbny services email
dbny services digital marketing

Creating assets introducing platforms

DBNY wanted to illustrate the possibility offered by the platforms they use so we dedicated specific pages to the introduction of both platforms: Shopify plus used for eCommerce and Klaviyo for the emails.

Our goal was to show the benefits of both platforms and the reasons why DBNY use them. So we created special assets using abstract representation to explain how both platforms work.

platforms components dbny

An update through animations

We thought of various elements to improve the current website such as:
+ the color background transition on the homepage and work page
+ the animation of a letter moving in the background
+ the creation of CTA hovers to guide the user’s journey
+ the addition of a lazy-loading for a better user experience


BFCM campaign

As part of Black Friday Cyber Monday Campaign (BFCM), we created a landing page promoting DBNY’s offer. To get more details, prospects can fill up a form with their contact info. Then, they get a series of 4 emails describing the pack and showing successful case studies. This strategy aims at getting new leads.

To complement the design, we developed a set of stickers that the brand can use on social media and in emails to partners. We also created a universe around “survive the season” composed of raining in the background and at the bottom of the page, a beautiful umbrella sheltering the BFCM pack.

dbny bfcm stickers